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Your optician in Prague

Your eyes deserve the best. Choose the glasses that reflect your character.

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<span>Your optician</span> in Prague
Individual approach Individual approach

Each client is unique and deserves a distinctive professional approach. Our team is ready to meet your expectations.

Free consultancy Free consultancy

We don't charge for advice. We believe that quality advice should be available to every client.

30 years of tradition 30 years of tradition

The guarantee of quality is our long experience in the field, thanks to which we provide unrivalled services.

Glasses that make you smile

At S Optic, we know that optics is much more than just an eyewear store. That's why you'll meet a team full of experts who do their job with heart, with the goal of protecting your eyesight while making you feel great about wearing our products. We know that technological advancements are unstoppable, which is why we move with the times and use the latest technology in our measurements.

We are one of the first private opticians in the Czech Republic where clients have been happy to return for more than 30 years. This is because we have helpful professionals who can advise and help you find the right dioptric glasses or contact lenses for you, all with a smile.

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Lucie - Head of Optics
Lucie Head of Optics

Lucie has been with us since 2001, when she completed her studies in opticianry. Leading the S Optic team is her passion as well as her well-made craft. If you are looking for an expert who will be happy to help you choose not only the most interesting frames, but also quality lenses, don't hesitate to contact Lucie.

Tereza - Optometrist
Tereza Optometrist

Our optometrist Tereza has more than 20 years of experience and knows how to fulfill each client's wishes with empathy and a smile. If you are due for an eye test at S Optic, Tereza will identify your visual impairment and suggest the ideal solution to help you see the world around you better.

Martina - Optometrist
Martina Optometrist

A new member of the S Optic team is optometrist Martina, who will advise you in every situation. You can contact her with any question in the field of optics and optometry and thanks to her extensive experience you will always get a professional answer. Martina also takes eye exams and applies contact lenses.

Zuzana - Optician
Zuzana Optician

Zuzana is a meticulous optician and the youngest member of our team. Her attention to detail is second to none, so she will help you find the perfect frames to fit you like a glove. Individual attention and willingness to help are a matter of course for Zuzana.

Dominik - Optician and optometrist
Dominik Optician and optometrist

Dominik is an expert in the right place, whose hands can fix the almost unfixable and his precision in measuring leads to perfect correction. If you need a lens fitting or a complete pair of glasses made, Dominik is always there for you. Whatever the situation, he will find a solution and helpfully explain all the technical possibilities.

Contact lenses Dioptric glasses

I can't read text in low light conditions


We can help you choose lenses that allow you to see clearly and effortlessly at all distances according to your individual needs. Book an appointment for eye exam dioptric glasses.


If you wear contact lenses, avoid wearing them for at least 2 hours before the eye exam and bring your glasses or a recommendation from your doctor.


Our experts will check your near and distance vision and help you choose the right solution to see in all light conditions and distances.

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I am looking for new dioptric glasses


Book an appointment for eye exam dioptric glasses and our experts will not only exam your vision within 1 hour, but also introduce you to the latest trends in eyeglass frames.


On the day of your visit, be sure to bring your glasses or a doctor's referral. If you wear contact lenses, do not wear them for at least 2 hours before the actual eye exam.


Together, we will select lenses that match the eye exam results and frames that make you feel great. After paying the deposit, all you have to do is wait for a text message that the dioptric glasses are ready for you to pick up.

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My eyes burn while working on the computer


Book an appointment in the calendar for an eye exam dioptric glasses.


If you wear contact lenses, avoid wearing them for at least 2 hours before the eye exam, bring your glasses and a recommendation from your doctor.


After checking your vision, together we'll choose a suitable solution that will make working on the computer feel effortless for your eyes.

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I need contact lenses


Book an appointment in the calendar for an eye exam contact lenses, during which our specialist will spend approximately 1.5 hours with you.


On the day of your visit to S Optic, please wear your glasses and avoid contact lenses.


You'll get a recommendation for the type of contact lenses that better fit your eyes, and a training on how to handle them. We'll provide you with trial lenses that you'll wear for a few days. During your next appointment, we'll check that everything works as it should, and you'll be free to go.

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Focusing problems
Dioptric glasses
Burning eyes
Contact lenses
Přijďte k nám

Come to us

In optics, "one size fits all" doesn't exist! At S Optic, we believe that your eyes and your style are unique. So, for us to deliver on your expectations, we need to make sure we understand your priorities.

We will devote our full attention to you when you come to our optic store in Anděl, so you truly get the glasses that are best for you!

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Vision measurement and contact lens application is legally possible from the age of 15.

What do you often ask us?

What's the best way to get to you, is parking possible?

Our shop is located in Prague 5, very close from the shopping mall Nový Smíchov. The most convenient is to come by metro (B line, station Anděl) or tram (stop: Anděl or Arbesovo náměstí). You can also park in the shopping mall, we're a few meters away from the side gate located on Štefánikova street.

I'm a student, do I have benefits with you?

We realize that students' eyes are very strained these days, but fortunately there are preventative solutions. The team at S Optic are happy to help and offer students a 15% discount on a full set of glasses on presentation of a valid ISIC card.

Can I use a card or voucher from my employer with benefits?

Yes, at S Optic we want to accommodate you, which is why we accept payment vouchers and Benefit plus,, Sodexo and Edenred cards that you receive from your employer.

Do you offer anti-blue light lenses?

Our range of glasses is really wide and everyone will find something for themselves. We also think of those of you who spend a lot of time indoors and are exposed to blue-violet light from LEDs, TV screens, computers or mobile phones. Stop by and let us help you choose the right type for you.


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